Student Services Office Information

Wed, 02/16/2022 - 8:40am
Student Services Office Information

Private School Transcript Requests:

Requests for transcripts should be sent to our data clerk, Jennifer Merke For assistance, email Ms. Merke at or call 410-880-5988. 

Please allow two weeks for processing.  Most schools will accept the documents electronically, however, if the school requires mailed copies, we ask that you provide a stamped envelope addressed to the school admissions office where your child is applying.  

2023-2024 Student Enrollment

Registration for new students is open for the 2023-2024 school year and enrollments will be processed using the online enrollment portal on the HCPSS website. 
  • To enroll your child visit HCPSS Enroll 
  • A complete description of how to enroll, including a list of documents is referenced on the enrollment page. Having all of your documentation prepared in advance will keep the process moving quickly.
  • After completing the enrollment process online, Ms. Wendy Rodgers, our Data clerk, will follow up with you to finalize the enrollment.
For additional information click here Enrollment FAQ's 
School Locator: 
To find your child’s school of residence visit the school locator link below:
Student Withdrawals: 
If you are moving in the county or out of county/state, please email our Data Clerk, Wendy Rodgers,  to request a student withdrawal.
School Counselors:
Last Name: A-M
Beth Lucas
Last Name: M-Z
Anna Miles