Student Drop Off and Dismissal

Thu, 08/24/2023 - 11:29am

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The excitement is growing at Lime Kiln Middle School! We are very excited to welcome your students back for a brand new school year. We have been busy interacting with our community for feedback on how to better accommodate our walkers and car riders. The feedback from you was most helpful.

Sixth and seventh grade students will be dropped off in our lower parking lot. This has been our primary drop off point in previous years. We are asking for sixth grade parents and guardians to use this dropoff point, as it does not require crossing against buses coming and going in the upper parking lot. Students in the lower lot can wait at the downstairs doors until the 8:30 bell welcomes them into the building. There will be staff directing this traffic as well. Please do not cut through parking spots to speed the process, as it becomes a safety and traffic concern. The process moves much faster when everyone stays in the lanes.

Lime Kiln is adding a second car dropoff area for  eighth grade students. Cars will enter the Cedar Lane Parking Lot and loop around to the drop off area at the far corner of the parking lot. We will have a staff member directing cars to the drop off. Cars are not permitted in the driveway connecting Cedar Lane School and Lime Kiln Middle.  This area must be free of traffic, as students will be crossing the driveway from the drop off and exiting school buses. Students will enter the building at the upper level, main entrance at 8:30 a.m.

Lime Kiln will have three staff members monitoring our crosswalks at the main entrance, the crosswalk in the bus drop off zone and Cedar Lane crosswalk. Please review the map for a better view of the drop off zones.

The process will be similar in the afternoon. Students waiting for pickup in the upper level will wait in the drop-off area near the Cedar Lane parking lot.