Health Room News

Thu, 02/25/2021 - 12:02pm

Health Room News

Parent Information for Student In-Person Instruction

Please read the important "symptom check" information for students returning to school for in-person instruction.

Student Medication

If your student is returning to school and will have medication in the Health Room, please have your child's doctor complete the medication form and epipen form (if applicable).   Please contact the Health Room to coordinate a time to drop off the completed medication forms and the medication.   Our School Nurse, Kassandra Wanless, may be reached in the Health Room at 410-880-5916 or by email,


Students must be up to date with immunizations before returning to school. If students are not up to date with immunizations, parents will be called to pick their student up from school. Please email a copy of your student's updated immunizations to Kassy Wanless, the Cluster Nurse, at