Attendance/Discretionary Absences Procedures

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 2:29pm

Parents and Guardians may send notes for absences via email to or send directly with your student to the Student Services Office.   Notes from a physician's office should also be sent with your student to the Student Services Office.

Please read the information below regarding important LKMS Attendance procedures:

Attendance Reminders:

Late Arrivals - When students will be arriving after the tardy bell at 8:25 am, we ask parents/guardians to escort children into the office for sign-in. 

Early Dismissals - When students leave during the school day, parents/guardians must come to the front office to sign out and pick up the student.

Early Dismissal Returns -  When students return from an early dismissal, we ask that parents/guardians escort children into the office and sign them in with a return time.

Absences - The school must receive a note from the parent or physician explaining the absence/tardiness of a student within two school days of the student’s return or the absence/tardiness will be unlawful/unexcused.

HCPSS Attendance Policies and Procedures can be found here:

Discretionary Absences:

For absences of up to 3 days per year, the Principal may determine whether the absences will be lawful/excused or unlawful/unexcused. Such absences may include, but are not limited to, the following events directly involving the student:

  • Visits to post-secondary institutions
  • Participation in college orientation programs
  • Scheduled interviews with prospective employers
  • Special family events, including vacations/trips

If your child will be out for any of the discretionary reasons listed above, complete and return the request form to Ms. Hill, Student Services Secretary, for Principal's approval.

Thank you!