Carson Scholarship

Mon, 11/13/2017 - 8:30am

CARSON SCHOLARSHIP PROCESS (8th Graders Only): —In a few weeks, a board of Lime Kiln Staff members will be selecting ONE eighth grader to nominate for the 2018 Ben Carson Scholarship. Our nominee competes for the scholarship through the Carson Scholarship Foundation and winners are awarded $1000 kept in escrow for them towards college expenses. Potential nominees must be

  • Academically excellent (3.75 GPA or higher in first quarter of 8th grade)
  • Role models in the school, via their citizenship and contribution to school life
  • Service minded, as indicated by the good works they do in the community

A letter and application detailing how to compete to be the LKMS nominee will soon be available through your student’s English teacher, Mr. Ammann, Mrs. Clemens, or Mrs. Mundy. The application focuses on the student’s resumé in the community service area—teachers are already very aware of academics and citizenship in our school community. Questions? Contact Cindy Clemens or go to